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Closed captioning enables to get more value from existing video content by appealing to a wider audience including those of the hard-of-hearing.

Movies, television show, YouTube series, broadcast media, a corporate video, or standalone projects – we deliver excellent, cost-effective closed captioning results.

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Closed Captioning SDH service



Closed Captioning are the written transcription of the dialogue and audio cues in the video content, that appears in the bottom of the screen. Closed captions help people who deaf or hard of hearing because they include background noises and other important information.

In Closed captioning the target language is the same as the source language in addition to sound elements.

SDH or Subtitles for Deaf and Hard of Hearing  is a more advanced method and a combination of both closed captioning and subtitling.

SDH subtitles may make note of ambient noises that help create the video’s setting.

SDH combines both audio and language information to create one subtitle file. This way, the file can be accessible to foreign-language audiences who also may be deaf or hard of hearing.


In SDH the target language is different from the source language (i.e: it includes translation) in addition to sound elements.

We charge per minute and the price varies based on the language, translations and the scale of the project, it would be best to tell us more about your project and we’ll give you a quote, send us a sample now and we’ll translate it for free to show you how good we are.