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Voice over and narration to audio and visual materials.

Top quality voiceover services with leading voice actors in the Middle East.

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We flex our muscles when it comes to providing professional Arabic voice over service.

Professional voiceover actors, every arabian dialect, native accents, individual approach, reliable top voice actors. The perfect combination for every project to stand out in the industry.

How does the voiceover process work?

1. Shortlist
Checking the list of samples of our best voice talents to choose the most suitable one.

2. Record
Recording the voice over with a superior quality.

3. Receive
Get your finalized audio in your preferred format.

Voice over services by Noon Solutions



There are plenty, but here are the main ones that we come across most often.

  • Animation
  • Commercial
  • Narration
  • Audio books
  • Video games
  • Interactive
  • E-learning (Courses)
  • Corporate
  • Trailers
  • Promo
  • Announcing

Voice-over refers to the spoken text in audiovisual media, whereas dubbing mainly consists of recording new voices for an audiovisual product.

It depends on many factors such as the language, deadlines and the scale of the project. It would be best if you tell us more about your project and we’ll send a quote. Or you can order a free sampling now and see how well we do voice over.

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