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Text-based alternative to the dialogue and narration of your video or audio content.

We deliver the best human-generated audio and video transcriptions to our clients.

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Converting audio and video into written text is a job best left to the experts. When there are multiple speakers, technical terms, and diverse accents, transcribing voice to text can be a complicated process.

Noon offers an extensive network of transcriptionists, typists and data entry staff making it possible to select the right personnel for the taken project.

  • Transcription from all Arabic & English slangs; 
  • Accurate transcription from all audio and video formats under tight deadlines;
  • All content categories; Medical Transcription, Legal Transcription, Podcast Transcription, Calls Transcription, Academic Transcription, and more. 
  • Guarantee of full commitment to the privacy of clients and the secrecy of their information.

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Transcribing is the process of listening to recorded audio (or video) and typing what is heard word-for-word. The audio files can be anything from interviews, meetings to calls and zoom meetings.

It depends on many factors such as the language, deadlines and the scale of the project. It would be best if you tell us more about your project and we’ll send a quote. Or you can order a free sampling now and see how well we do transcription.

Syrian, Lebanese, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Emirati, Egyptian, Tunisian, Moroccan, Algerian.

Standard American, standard British, standard Australian, and most American and British slang.