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What is

White-Label Localization Service?



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We’ve been doing localization for the past 7 years, our white-label clients work with some of the biggest organizations world-wide like Amazon and Netflix.

However, since the service is white-label we cannot disclosure any information about our partners.

  • You send us the project details and deadlines.
  • Once we agree on the terms of the service, we wait for the materials from your side.
  • We never communicate with your client.
  • We never disclosure any information about the end client.
  • We respect and meet your deadlines.
  • We always exceed all expectations.

It depends on many factors such as the language, deadlines and the scale of the project. It would be best if you tell us more about your project and we’ll send a quote. Or you can order a free sampling now and see how well we do our job.

Who knows, we might be best partners in no time!