Dubbing Services

Replacing original dialogue in a video with lip-synced localized recordings.

Get access to hundreds of native talents. Dubbing is always authentic with us.

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Native speakers

World-class studios

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Noon Dubbing Service Includes

From script adaptation through casting, recording and mixing, every project gets authentic love and is treated with greatest care by native and global talents.

Dedicated team of specialists and technicians for the dubbing services.
World-class studios, equipment and recording softwares.
Guarantee of maintaining excellent verbal performance, capturing the tone of the original actors, and matching the lip movement, without compromising the messages in the original work.

Whether your project is commercial, informational or entertaining, our dubbing service professionals will handle it with the exact same quality-first approach.

Dubbing services



We dub the following content:

  • TV series & feature films
  • Theatrical
  • Cartoons and animation
  • Kids songs
  • Documentaries
  • Explainer videos
  • TV & radio commercials
  • Promos & trailers
  • PR & corporate videos
  • Instructional and training videos
  • E-learning
  • Video games
  • Motion picture
  • 3D movies

Voice-over refers to the spoken text in audiovisual media, whereas dubbing mainly consists of recording new voices for an audiovisual product.

It depends on many factors such as the language, deadlines and the scale of the project. It would be best if you tell us more about your project and we’ll send a quote. Or you can order a free sampling now and see how well we do dubbing.

It usually takes 5 days to translate, adapt the script and record one episode.

for bulk orders, we work in parallel on many episodes to provide weekly or monthly capacity.

Translation > translation review > script adaptation > voice acting > Mixing the new dialogue tracks.

Yes, you can ask for any stage of the dubbing service separately.

After reviewing the work that requires dubbing, the studio director chooses the best talents that suit the roles based on several factors like age and genre. After sending samples or a demo to the client we wait for approval to proceed to with the work.

We can deliver the full mixed video, a full mixed sound wave with ME, a mixed sound wave without ME, and individual performers’ recordings.