Subtitling Services

Written rendition in a foreign language of any type of audio/video material.

Benefit from years of experience in subtitling multimedia for leading global channels and platforms.

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Noon Subtitling Service Includes

Greatest key to successful multimedia access is hidden in the subtitled content and that directly reaches the right audience.

And Noon is right here to become your reliable audiovisual translation partner, implementing Arabic and English translations into all other languages and vice versa.

We provided our services to a range of happy clients in a variety of domains including:
OTT, VOD, SVOD platforms Linear TV YouTube channels Marketing agencies Conferences



Noon’s subtitling service covers:

  • films¬†
  • video advertisements
  • product or service presentations¬†
  • teleconferences
  • business meetings
  • conversations
  • interviews¬†
  • speeches
  • seminars
  • courses¬†
  • workshops
  • TV programs¬†
  • documentaries

Subtitles translate the audio of the video into another language, do not include non-speech elements, are synchronized with the video.

Closed Captions include and identify the speaker move when obscuring important visual elements and capture non-speech elements.

It depends on many factors such as the language, deadlines and the scale of the project. It would be best if you tell us more about your project and we’ll send a quote. Or you can order a free sampling now and see how well we do subtitling.

Who knows we might become best partners!

It usually takes 2 days to subtitle and review an episode.

We are expeerienced with the guidelines and content of a lot of platforms/TV channels like: Netflix, Disney, National Geographic, CBS, Discovery, Bloomberg, bein, CNBC, Shahid, MBC …etc

Translation > QC by an editor to ensure top quality > Time coding for the text to show up on the screen at the correct time.

Yes, we have a big team of expert QCers, with a long experience in the field.

SRT, DOCX, XLSX, STL, PAC, DFXP, TTML, XML, or any timed text format required.

We have a big work capacity and you can contact us with your requirements so we can put an efficient timeline to meet them.